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Welcome to Our Little Steps, our safe place in the intarwebz where we write about tips on how to travel with kids or write about our family travel guides and tips. We hope to share our experiences if any are willing to read (haha!) and maybe help other travelers along the way with what to avoid, where to book, what to do, and maybe how to maximize every last bit of your budget.

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This blog has evolved from us getting married and writing about our wedding preps, to being a young couple, and now to being a family of three. 😅 So, here’s to more adventures, and looking forward to you guys joining us as well!

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Hello, there! Thanks for dropping by our couple travel blog dreams!
We are Mark and Cha, and we’re getting married in 2018 we just got married! We’re both twenty-something millennials who-as old as it gets–love to travel, discuss politics in our spare time, talk about cats, dream about where to eat next, and think about how we can improve lives by improving workflows.
We decided to set-up a safe place in the intarwebz where we can ~endlessly~ gush about cats, and share random yet interesting stories, life hacks, cheap travel hacks, and relationship tips. We’re no experts in any of those fields, but we can share a thing or two about the things that work. 😉
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