buy cheap chocolates singapore
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Buy Cheap Chocolates Singapore: Where to buy pasalubong in Singapore?

UPDATE June 2019
We recently (hehe) wrote about the Singapore Budget Trip Itinerary to give you guys an idea of how much it cost to travel in the Lion City. As an end note on that blog, we promised to share a secret on where to buy cheap chocolates Singapore tourists look for! Great, huh?
On our second travel to Singapore in 2016, Mark and I found this obscure shop, neatly tucked away at the B1 of the Changi Citypoint mall.
buy cheap chocolates singapore
Valu$ or ValuDollar is our go-to place whenever we have to buy pasalubong for our family and friends back home. Most prices, if not all, are cheaper compared to grocery and convenience store prices. Heh. You can even buy here a Magnum Chocolate Bar for $1 or $2.50 (depends on sale)! The same product is priced at $10 at Lucky Plaza!

buy cheap chocolates singapore
Find Mark! :)) Those chocolates are normally priced at $5+ in grocery stores. ??

Buy Cheap Chocolate Singapore Tourists Look For – Quality pasalubong!

Apart from chocolates, Valu$ also offers various products from fruit juices, snacks, cookies, household items, and office/school supplies. They even have fidget spinners! They’ve got everything you will ever need!.

buy cheap chocolates singapore
Feel free to hoard. =))

buy cheap chocolates singapore
buy cheap chocolates singapore

Who wouldn’t want that Miaow Miaow?

buy cheap chocolates singapore
Not many people know about this place where you can buy cheap chocolates Singapore tourists look for. So when our families visited last year, we immediately them here so they could also buy quality pasalubongs to bring home to Manila.
Valu$ also offer soaps, body wash, laundry detergent, and Salonpas! Revlon hair color is only at $5.95, outside price usually cost double. Hehe. There are many Valu$ branches islandwide but our favorite are the ones in Changi Citypoint (two branches are located at B1). There are also stores located at Century Mall, Whitesand, Lucky Plaza, Chinatown, and Eunos MRT Station.
We hope this helps! Happy shopping!


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